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  • 1978 Orange Bowl Parade Dvd
    1978 Orange Bowl Parade
    The 1978 Orange Bowl Parade (12/13/77) hosted by Joe Garagiola and Rita Moreno. With Joey Heatherton, Gilda Radner, Gabriel Melgar and original commercials. 60 minutes. Comes with Case. ...
  • Saturday morning cartoons 1976
    A Saturday Morning of 70s TV: October 2nd, 1976
    This is about as close as it gets. This is the original broadcast of 4 blocks of cartoons from 1976 complete with all the commercials you saw between. How fun! Includes Sylvester and Tweety, Jabberjaw, The Bugs...
  • carpenters live on stage 1972-1974
    Carpenters: Live on Stage 1972-1974
    Import with some of the most beautiful unreleased Carpenters footage I have seen. Great sound too. Features 3 concerts: Australia 1972(B&W), Belguim 1974 & Holland 1974.Song performed: Superstar, Hurting each other,...
  • Great grape ape on dvd
    The Great Grape Ape: Complete Series
    The GREAT GRAPE APE is a 40-foot purple gorilla with the mind of a child. His catch phrase is saying his name twice ("Grape Ape, Grape Ape"). This Complete Series collection comes on 3 discs. This is the ORIGINAL 13 UNCUT...

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