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​What I miss about the 70s? Slime


This stuff came out in the mid 70s in green and later in pink with purple worms in it. HA! At my age, it was an immediate bullseye when I saw it at JCPenney. I would just sit and toss it back and forth while I watched TV. It was cold and wet feeling. It's only real purpose was to make your mother nervous whenever she saw you with it. I was always sure to get the passing phrase: "be careful with that mess". After awhile, it would get really dirty and turn dark, you'd have to throw it away. After buying 3 garbage cans of the stuff, my best friend and I decided we could make it last longer if we added some water. So we did.. mixed it up good. Then I slowly poured it into his hand. It ran through his fingers onto his clothes, on the floor, it never stopped. He got so upset he ran home screaming... pulled an eddie hascal on me. It ruined his jeans and my mom never got it out of the carpet. That was the end of my slime days. 

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