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  • challenge of the network stars
    Battle (Challenge) of the Network Stars #2, 1977 Expanded
    70s-TV EXCLUSIVE!!! FULL ORIGINAL BROADCAST with all the celebrity shorts included!! Now with extra 10 minutes of footage.  Episode 2 of the Battle of the Network Stars series has not been seen complete since the...
  • Dr Shrinker Complete Series
    Dr. Shrinker: The Complete Series
    The Krofft Supershow Series, Dr. Shrinker. 3 teenagers crash land on a mysterious island where they encounter an evil scientist. Dr. Shrinker has a shrinking machine that he uses on the kids. Finding themselves as small as...
  • jeannie the complete series
    Jeannie: The Complete Series
    The 1973 Animated version of I Dream of Jeannie. Jeannie is rescued by a high school student named Corey(voiced by Mark Hamill). She is also accompanied by a genie in training named Babu. Catch all 16 episodes of their...
  • little darlings bluray version
    Little Darlings: Bluray
    1980 coming of age movie starring Kristy McNichol and Tatum O'Neal. Featuring the original soundtrack. Two 15-year old girls from different sides of the tracks compete to see who will be first to lose their virginity while...

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