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What I miss about the 70s? The Telephone.

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I have decided to talk about the many things I miss about the 70s here and my first topic is.... The Telephone. 

I was born in 1965 so when we moved to Memphis in the 70s, I recall you had to wait for the telephone company to send a man out and install your phone. It usually came in one of those wonderful 70s colors: orange, green, brown, or yellow. And these phones were made to last. I even have one today that works like a charm. No dropped calls, no breakups and always sounds loud and clear. Sure, you have to stand near where it is plugged in but... is that really a bad thing? It forces you to focus on the conversation and then get off the phone to do something else. I don't find multitasking a smart concept or a recipe for accuracy. Things slowly began to change as doctors/attorneys had beepers and the first huge cell phones. This was a great idea, they had jobs that required immediate attention and had real emergencies. the rest of us? not so much. With each new invention, every few months... we run out to buy what we are told we need. Each new device offers more multitasking. I have asked myself and wonder if anyone else has asked: Do I really need all this? Somehow, the human connected to the electronic appendage is always more important than the ones around us. What the hell is being discussed?? What is so important that we need these things 24/7? My least favorite head scratcher is being forced to listen to someone talk out loud to no one! The disrespect of having to hear their opinions, personal business while I am in line at some public place. I realize the generation growing up with all these gadgets doesn't think twice about it but where does this end? I miss a drive in the car where I had silence, time to reflect... listen to the radio or spend time catching up with another human I might be traveling with. In the 70s when you were in the car, away from home or the office, you were UNAVAILABLE.

That's what I miss about the 70s.  

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